About Student Leadership and Organizations

The Dean of Students’ Office works with Student Leadership and the student organizations at William James to enrich the college’s community. Through collaboration and support we continue to grow connections in our community. Our office is more than happy to assist students interested in starting a new organization. On this page you can find a list of this year’s registered student groups. As well, below are resources to assist groups in having a successful year, and information on how to start a new organization.

Student Leadership

Meet your Leading Excellence Across Departments (LEAD) Team! The five student leaders meet monthly with the Dean of Students Office team and the Vice President for Academic Affairs to discuss nonacademic related issues, academic issues that are relevant to all students, and anything else pertinent to student life. The student leaders are here as a resource to you, and to hear any of your feedback. Please feel free to contact them.

Adam Lurie - Clinical PsyD

Adam LurieMy name is Adam Lurie and I am a 3rd year Clinical PsyD student at William James College. I grew up in Massachusetts, but moved to D.C. to attend the George Washington University to pursue a bachelor's degree in Psychology. After college, I moved back to Massachusetts and took a year off to gain experience (and save money) before starting the program. During this time, I worked for Riverside Community Care as a residential counselor. I joined the clinical ACES team to advocate for more mental health support for students in the program and to better understand the costs associated with being in a doctoral program. As a LEAD Representative I hope to act as a liason between the students, faculty, and administration to help build a better environment for everyone.

Email: Adam_Lurie@WilliamJames.edu

Natania Perlman - Counseling and Behavioral Health

Natania PerlmanNatania Perlman is a third-year, part-time student in the master’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, emphasizing in Couples & Family Therapy. She is the LEAD member of ACES for the Counseling & Behavioral Health Department this year. Natania did her practicum at Seven Hills Behavioral Health’s Adult Psychiatric Day Center in New Bedford, MA and is currently interning at Bradley Hospital on the Adolescent Inpatient Unit in East Providence, RI. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Before entering WJC, Natania spent three years working throughout Southeastern Massachusetts as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in-home therapist working with infants, children, and adolescents on the autism spectrum disorder. Her field interests include parent-child relationships, systems work, sibling dynamics, communication, and identity development.

Email: Natania_Perlman@williamjames.edu

Oluwafunmilayo Aguocha - Organizational Psychology

Oluwafunmilayo AguochaMy name is Oluwafunmilayo Aguocha, and I am in my 4th year in the Leadership Psychology program and a scholar with the Black Health Graduate Academy. Currently, I am a Site Director at the Department of Mental Health Massachusetts (DMH) and a member of the senior executive team for DMH Southeast Area.  As an authentic and dynamic leader with an extensive background in non-profit organizations and governmental sectors, my mission is to empower and align people to have a shared purpose; to motivate them to rise to the challenge, and accomplish the highest level of performance and productivity. I have been a member of the Organizational & Leadership Psychology (OLP) ACES team and a co-LEAD since 2017. As a LEAD representative for the 2020-2021 academic year, I hope to continue to represent the OLP community and collaborate with other students to improve the experience of both current and prospective students at WJC. I look forward to hearing from you.

Email: oaguocha@williamjames.edu

Amelia Barnett- Psychology and Human Services

Amelia BarnettAmelia Barnett is in her second and final year of the Bachelor's in Psychology and Human Services program.  She received her Associate's of Science from Mass Bay Community College.  She previously worked at the Newton Boys & Girls Club as the Girls' Services Coordinator.  She now works as a tutor at WJC's Academic Resource Center and volunteers on a crisis line.  She is also involved in #MEAction, an activist group that advocates for increased research and support for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.  She hopes to become a LMHC and work with individuals with chronic illnesses.

Email: Amelia_Barnett@williamjames.edu

Paige Laich - School Psychology

Paige LaichMy name is Paige Laich and I am from Chelmsford, MA. This is my third year of the MA/CAGS Program in School Psychology. The opportunity for experiential education brought me to William James College. After completing my first two practicum experiences at the elementary and middle school levels, my internship this year will be at a charter school for students in grades 5-12. In addition to representing the School Psychology department as a member of the LEAD team, I will be a Student Leader for the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). This will be my second year in both these roles. William James College has been a wonderful experience for me, so I look forward to giving back to this community. I want to help my fellow students not just survive but thrive during their graduate school experience!

Email: paige_laich@williamjames.edu

Student Organizations

William James College offers a number of student-led organizations. Organizations are open to all students.

Asian Student Group

Ellen Yang: Ellen_yang@williamjames.edu
Matthew Fortino: Matthew_fortino@williamjames.edu

The Asian student group aims to recruit, mentor, and support Asian students in degree programs at William James College. ASG aims to provide critical support, mentorship and community for its members, while holding a commitment to decreasing racial/ethnic disparities by diversifying the mental health workforce and providing support to historically marginalized and underserved groups. Our group aims to create a warm and supportive environment to connect Asian students, Asian American students and anyone interested in learning about Asian cultures at WJC. It is also an open space to share interests in working with the Asian population.

Christian Fellowship Group

Tania Jimenez: tania_jimenez@williamjames.edu
Nicholas Cerbo: nicholas_cerbo@williamjames.edu

The purpose of the Christian Fellowship group is to provide a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere where fellow Christian believers and individuals who may be interested in the Christian faith can come together to socialize, worship, pray, and encourage each other. 

Gero Volunteer Corps - GVC

Amy Overpeck: amy_overpeck@williamjames.edu
Kimberly Hudson: kimberly_hudson@williamjames.edu

Our mission: to bring generations together. The members of the GVC help coordinate outreach programming with older adults in the local community.  We seek to educate, learn, and create lasting connections with the individuals we meet.  In the past, we have run a variety of events including panels, discussions, and social media educational seminars. We also participate in the annual greater Boston's Walk to End Alzheimer's. 

Mindfulness Group

Genifer Goldsmith: genifer_goldsmith@williamjames.edu
Brittany Iyer: brittany_iyer@williamjames.edu

This group is for any student interested in the use of mindfulness in clinical practice or engaging in practice sessions with others in the WJC community. A member can choose to engage in either aspect of the group or both. The group provides a safe space for students to practice meditation, or, if they choose, practice leading meditation and other mindfulness practices. Beyond scheduled meditations, group meetings may include discussion groups, leading events for the WJC community and beyond, hosting outside presenters, and more, based on interests of the group.

Music and Psychology

Ashley Phillips: ashley_phillips@williamjames.edu
Nicole Poulter: nicole_poulter@williamjames.edu

Music & Psychology is a group that works to combine two passions: music and psychology. Whether you are a musician, lover of music, or curious about music therapy, this group aims to support further learning and creativity within WJC. Music & Psychology is looking to create music, learn music therapy skills to implement into practice, and share our gifts with others inside and outside the WJC community. No music experience is necessary! Love music and psychology, but don't know about Music Therapy? Check out this video.

Rainbow Alliance

Dan Moore: DANIEL_MOORE@williamjames.edu
Ian Ljutich: IAN_LJUTICH@williamjames.edu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WJCRainbowAlliance
Scholarships & Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students: www.publicservicedegrees.org/financial-aid/lgbtqia-students-scholarships-resources/

Article on Pronoun Diversity written by Kevin Narine (he/him/his), BA, William James College, and Melina Wald, PhD (she/they), Columbia University Medical Center/Gender Identity Program.

Article on LGBTQ+ BIPOC Mental Health written by Kevin Narine (he/him/his), BA, William James College, and Matthew Eisner (he/him/his), MSEd, William James College

The Rainbow Alliance at William James College is a group of students, faculty, and staff who want to provide support for one another, engage in LGBTQ advocacy/awareness, and plan events (for either purpose).

Sports and Psychology

Victoria Kenzie Koch: victoria_koch@williamjames.edu
Kelsey Carroll: kelsey_carroll@williamjames.edu

Do you have an interest in Sports, Psychology, or Sports Psychology?  In this student group, we hope to touch on all three areas:

  • create WJC team rosters for club sports
  • discuss clinical topics (i.e. performance enhancement techniques, recovering from injuries, visualization, and how to work with athletes in a clinical setting)
  • review educational material on sports psychology and staying connected with the activities of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology
Trauma Awareness Group - TAG

Krystal Gottilla: krystal_gottilla@williamjames.edu
Angela Mendez: angela_mendez@williamjames.edu
Kevin Narine: kevin_narine@williamjames.edu

The Trauma Awareness Group (TAG) at William James College aims to raise awareness on the prevalence of trauma and provide students with education regarding trauma informed care. Many individuals experience trauma, which can be a risk factor for a variety of symptoms and diagnoses.  It is imperative to be informed on trauma reactions and treatment when working in the field of psychology. Overall, TAG will explore different forms of trauma and related clinical presentations, and introduce therapeutic interventions for use when working with this population.

William James Military Community

Jennifer Sobel: jennifer_sobel@williamjames.edu
Mia Porter: AMELIA_PORTER@williamjames.edu

The WJC Military Community (MC) is comprised of Veterans, Military-affiliated students, non Military-affiliated students, faculty, and staff. Its mission is to provide support, information and resources to students throughout the pursuit of graduate-level academic and clinical training. A healthy Military Community is an essential component of providing peer support and cultural competency to the larger social fabric of William James College. This will be accomplished by providing education pertaining to Military/Veteran related issues to the greater WJC community, as well as community service, and advocacy. Veterans, Service Members, and Military families (specifically spouses and children, as well as extended family members) have equal emphasis within the Military Community. Additionally, support does not end with the classroom - the WJC Military Community seeks to provide support for fellow students who face the realities of service in the modern era: deployment, transition to and from Military service, and reintegration.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education