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Student Leadership and Organizations

The Dean of Students’ Office works with Student Leadership and the student organizations at William James to enrich the college’s community. Through collaboration and support we continue to grow connections in our community. Our office is more than happy to assist students interested in starting a new organization. On this page you can find a list of this year’s registered student groups. As well, below are resources to assist groups in having a successful year, and information on how to start a new organization.

William James College offers a number of student-led organizations.  Organizations are open to all students.

African Latino Asian Native and Arab American - ALANAA

Adetutu Ajibose: adetutu_ajibose@williamjames.edu 
Kwame Dance: kwame_dance@williamjames.edu

ALANAA stands for African American, Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American/Native Alaskan, and Arab American. The ALANAA group is derived from AHANA which was originally started at Boston College in 1979. We took the idea behind AHANA and adjusted it to be more inclusive (and add a little more flavor!) ALANAA is dedicated to celebrating the existing diversity at WJC, promoting greater diversity within the student body, and fostering connections between students whose interests include diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. This group is OUR group. Everyone is welcome to join. Our goal is to bring together the students of color at WJC and those who want to celebrate diversity within WJC. Although this group is a promoting agent for academic and research affairs, we hope to use it as a medium for social networking (and fun!).

Christian Fellowship Group

Marie Galliotte: marie_galliotte@williamjames.edu
Tania Jimenez: tania_jimenez@williamjames.edu

The purpose of the Christian Fellowship group is to provide a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere where fellow Christian believers and individuals who may be interested in the Christian faith can come together to socialize, worship, pray, and encourage each other. 

Clinical Applications of Mindfulness

Susanna (Zan) Barry: susanna_barry@williamjames.edu
Lavinia Pinto: lavinia_pinto@williamjames.edu

The purpose of this group is to 1) share information about research, practice, conferences, and funding opportunities related to mindfulness in clinical psychology; 2) create a clearinghouse and convening body for students who use mindfulness as part of their clinical psychology work to share best practices; 3) foster connection with Massachusetts professional organizations, such as the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy and the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School; and 4) serve and inform the broader William James community through guest speakers or other professional development opportunities. 

Gero Volunteer Corps - GVC

Kristianna Donovan: kristianna_donovan@williamjames.edu
Michelle Jolson: michelle_jolson@williamjames.edu

Our mission: to bring generations together. The members of the GVC help coordinate outreach programming with older adults in the local community. We seek to educate, learn, and create lasting connections with the individuals we meet. In the past, we have run a variety of events including panels, discussions, and social media educational seminars.

Opioid Crisis and Advocacy

Melissa Garboski:  melissa_garboski@williamjames.edu
Maegan Kenney: maegan_kenney@williamjames.edu 

The Opioid Crisis & Advocacy group’s goal is to bring recovery speakers for our academic community and organize events, like creating a William James College team to participate in sponsored 5k runs.  We also hope to organize community outreach work for students, including involvement with local towns to deliver food to homeless individuals, host addiction/recovery vigils (like "Overcoming Addiction" in Everett, Ma) and initiate programs in local communities to follow individuals who have recently overdosed to offer support and information on addiction recovery.

Rainbow Alliance

Tristan R. Barney: tara_barney@williamjames.edu
Daniel Moore: daniel_moore@williamjames.edu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WJCRainbowAlliance

The Rainbow Alliance at William James College is a group of students, faculty, and staff who want to provide support for one another, engage in LGBTQ advocacy/awareness, and plan events (for either purpose).

 Social Justice Student Coalition

Alexandra Adair: Alexandra_Adair@williamjames.edu
Marie Carmaudely L. Galliotte: marie_galliotte@williamjames.edu

The Social Justice Student Coalition (SJSC) at William James college aims to collaborate with and educate our communities on addressing disparities in the systems of those we serve from a mental health perspective. One of the primary visions of SJSC is to create a platform for WJC students who share in the same interest for social justice, to access community organizations and resources through which they can advocate for a particular social cause. In addition, SJSC will focus on building a bridge between the field and the community for the purpose of dissipating evidence-based knowledge that will serve to influence and instigate social changes.

SJSC Community Resources

Sports and Psychology

Laeth Al-Hamdouni: laeth_al-hamdouni@williamjames.edu
Michelle Jolson: michelle_jolson@williamjames.edu

Do you have an interest in Sports, Psychology, or Sports Psychology?  In this new student group, we hope to touch on all three areas:

  • create WJC team rosters for club sports
  • discuss clinical topics (i.e. performance enhancement techniques, recovering from injuries, visualization, and how to work with athletes in a clinical setting)
  • eview educational material on sports psychology and staying connected with the activities of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology


Student Parents and Caregivers

April Clayton: April_clayton@williamjames.edu
Aileen Peters: Aileen_Peters@williamjames.edu

Our group aims to provide support to student parents and caregivers. Students who are parenting (or caring for a loved one) during graduate school have unique challenges and needs. We hope to provide peer-support and access to family friendly events, study sessions, and speakers to ensure inclusivity and success for each individual in this non-traditional student group.

William James Military Community

Kelly Main: Kelly_Main@williamjames.edu
Jessica Price: jessica_price@williamjames.edu 

The WJC Military Community (MC) is comprised of Veterans, Military-affiliated students, non Military-affiliated students, faculty, and staff. Its mission is to provide support, information and resources to students throughout the pursuit of graduate-level academic and clinical training. A healthy Military Community is an essential component of providing peer support and cultural competency to the larger social fabric of William James College. This will be accomplished by providing education pertaining to Military/Veteran related issues to the greater WJC community, as well as community service, and advocacy. Veterans, Service Members, and Military families (specifically spouses and children, as well as extended family members) have equal emphasis within the Military Community. Additionally, support does not end with the classroom - the WJC Military Community seeks to provide support for fellow students who face the realities of service in the modern era: deployment, transition to and from Military service, and reintegration.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education