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Deferment of Your Federal Student Loans 

If you borrowed from one or more of the federal student loan programs prior to your enrollment at William James College and you have an outstanding balance due, you may elect to defer repayment of these loans by requesting an ‘in-school’ deferment.   

To request an in-school deferment:

  • Determine who is servicing your current loans. You may have more than one servicer. If you are receiving invoices for payment, the servicer’s name will appear on the invoice.  You can also log on to National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to view a comprehensive history of your federal student loan borrowing.  Click on this link to access NSLDS: http://www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA/
  • Log on to the servicer’s web site and look for a link that may appear as ‘download forms’ or ‘request a deferment’.
  • Download or copy the in-school deferment form to your computer and print the form.
  • Complete and sign the borrower section of the form and mail the form to William James College at this address:
    • William James College Office of Student Services
      Attn: Registrar
      One Wells Avenue
      Newton, MA 02459

The Office of the Registrar will complete the school section of the deferment form and mail it to your servicer following the completion of our fall term add-drop period.

Loans you borrow while enrolled at William James College are automatically placed into in-school deferment status.


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