Respecialization Certificate in Couples & Family Therapy

Application Deadlines, Requirements & Forms

The Couples and Family Therapy (CFT) Respecialization Certificate helps individuals with a graduate degree in clinical psychology or counseling obtain the necessary qualifications to pursue a license as a marriage and family therapist in Massachusetts. The respecialization certificate takes a minimum of one academic year, depending on the courses students need. Each applicant’s graduate academic background will be assessed and an individualized study plan will be created.

Below is application information for the respecialization certificate. If you are interested in earning a graduate degree, please learn more about our programs in clinical psychology and counseling.

Deadlines for Admission

Applications are considered on a rolling admissions basis. They are evaluated by the Admissions Office, the Director of Respecialization and faculty. An interview is scheduled with the Director of Respecialization at a mutually agreeable date. Decisions are communicated in writing shortly thereafter, and the acceptance of the admissions offer must be accompanied by a $500.00 deposit to secure your admission.


All applicants must have completed a 60+ credit Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, OR a completed Doctoral degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology by the start date of enrollment.

General GRE scores are not required, but can be submitted optionally.

How to Apply

In order to have the application considered, please submit:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. $60 Application Fee, make check payable to William James College                                           
  4. Official Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts. Omit if William James College graduate
  5. Personal Statement. Omit if William James College graduate
    Provide a 3-5 page double spaced personal narrative that thoroughly includes these items: Your academic background and career interests. Previous personal, relational, and professional experiences related to your career pursuits. How self-awareness and self-reflection contribute to developing your professional role. How you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles. Abilities as they relate to the professional training that you seek at William James College. How you anticipate our program will meet your learning goals and advance your career path. What you will offer our community. Major strengths and weaknesses in your application to the program. Commitments to volunteerism or community service.
  6. Recommendation #1, to be provided by a current or past supervisor. Omit if William James College graduate
  7. Recommendation #2. to be provided by a current or past professor.  Omit if William James College graduate

All materials including application form, CV, fee, Recommendations and *Official transcripts should be mailed to:

William James College
Admissions Office
1 Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459

*Official Undergraduate and Graduate transcripts should arrive directly to the Admissions Office from the issuing Registrar Office. Only competed application files will be considered.