Apply to the Doctor of  Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Program

Apply HereThank you for considering William James College. Applicants are considered on their overall potential for successful performance in graduate level coursework as well as the potential "fit" with our programs and fields of study. 

In the links below you will find application information to the  Doctor of  Psychology program. Transcripts and official test scores should be sent to the Admissions Office to arrive on or before the set deadline. All other materials must be supplied electronically through your online application account.

Deadlines for Admissions

Application Deadlines for Fall 2022 (August Start):
General Consideration: January 5, 2022  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until all spots have been filled.

Early Consideration: Friday & Saturday, January 28-29, 2022; and Friday & Saturday, February 11-12, 2022
General Consideration: Friday & Saturday, March 4-5, 2022

Prerequisite Courses/Experience:
Must be complete before matriculation
General Psychology; Abnormal Psychology and two out of the following six courses: Developmental Psychology; Social Psychology; Personality Theories; Behavioral Statistics; Tests & Measurements; Physiological Psychology.

Those with a master's degree in psychology are exempt from the prerequisites.

Test Scores
GRE scores are not required for Fall 2022 admissions to the Clinical Psychology PsyD program.

Click here for academic information.
Click here for application information.


Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
NOTE: Applicants with a master's degree from an accredited institution are required to have an earned baccalaureate degree as well.

Pre-Requisite Courses must be completed before enrollment
General Psychology; Abnormal Psychology AND two out of the following six courses: Developmental Psychology; Social Psychology; Personality Theories; Behavioral Statistics; Tests & Measurements; Physiological Psychology.

William James College currently offers these prerequisites as online courses.  For more information, click here.

Academic achievement at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels (Although there is no cut-off GPA requirement, 3.0 (of 4.0) is expected).

How to Apply

Apply Online. Use this link to fill out and submit your application online.

With the exception of transcripts and standardized test score reports all materials should be submitted through your online application account.

  • Transcripts should arrive directly to our Admissions Office from the issuing Registrar Office.
  • Standardized test score reports must be ordered to be sent directly to our Admissions Office. GRE scores are not required for Admissions Fall 2022 for the Clinical Psychology PsyD program

Please begin the process early as we will consider only those completed applications which arrive on or before the deadline.

International Applicants

An international applicant, that is, neither a citizen nor a permanent resident of the U.S., must meet our regular admission requirements, as well as those listed below.

If written in a foreign language, all transcripts and other documents must be accompanied by an official English translation and certification of equivalency to the American education system. Bachelor degrees that are three years in length will not be recognized as equivalent to a U.S. four-year bachelor degree by William James College. You can have both, the translation and equivalence certified by the World Education Service (WES). For detailed information visit

Applicants who are non-native speakers of English and have not taken the General Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

After acceptance of the admission offer, international students will be sent a Foreign Student Certification of Finances (FSCF) form which must be submitted by every student who does not hold a permanent resident (immigrant) visa in the United States. Because international students are ineligible to borrow Federal student aid, and private loans may be difficult to obtain, the FSCF is required by US Regulation to confirm that all of the necessary financial supports are secured for the duration of study. Only after this certification is sufficiently submitted the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status INS I-20 form will be issued.International applicants must plan and secure funding sources for the length of their stay in the U.S. before applying. This includes living expenses, health insurance and travel. Once enrolled, there are no opportunities to earn income through employment in or outside campus.

Successful completion of all requirements towards the degree which you seek to pursue will include your completion of one or more paid internships. To undertake paid internships, students are required to demonstrate to employers they are authorized to work in the U.S. Students who are unable to do so may be unable to complete all requirements for their degree program. 

International applicants must provide a copy of their visa before beginning the program.

Due to the substantial curricular practical field experience this program requires, International students on F-1 Student visas do not qualify for post-completion practical training (OPT).

Application Materials
  • $60.00 Application Fee (non-refundable), $75.00 if applying to two programs. On the electronic application it is paid online before submission.
  • Completed application form
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Application Essay
  • Official transcript(s)
  • Test Scores—GRE scores are not required for Fall 2022 admissions to the Clinical Psychology PsyD program.
  • Re-Application Statement*
  • Change of Career Statement*
    *if applicable, see appropriate section below.

Please begin the process early as we will consider only those completed applications which arrive on or before the deadline. If you have questions or concerns about the electronic application process, please contact the Admissions office at or 617-564-9376. Thank you.

Offers and Acceptance

Admissions Offers
Offers are sent electronically by the fourth week of March. The deadline to accept or decline an admissions offer is April 15 (APA Uniform Response Date).

After Acceptance
First year Field Education search begins when the acceptance deposit is received.
Registration for Fall Semester begins in June.
Orientation week precedes the beginning of classes (see academic calendar for details).
Classes begin before Labor Day.


Letter(s) of recommendation are required from people who are able to attest to your personal qualities, such as: professional; academic; intellectual; motivational; interpersonal; and emotional. References should not be provided by family members, friends, or others who don't know you in either a professional or academic context.

The electronic recommendation form is required and although a supplemental letter is optional it is strongly recommended. Both, the recommendation form and letter must be submitted electronically through your online application account.

Curriculum Vitae
Please attach a current CV or résumé which includes the following: educational background; current activity; length and description of employment and/or training experiences; hours per week at each job or training site; names of supervisors at each facility; workshops and seminars attended; and any other professionally-related material (e.g., presentations, publications, etc.). You may also include any extracurricular activities or interests that you deem relevant.
Application Essay

When composing your essay, please use a traditional font, one-inch margins and double line spacing on a letter size document.

TIP: When applying to two programs, be sure to sufficiently address your interest in both programs when composing your Application Essay.

Please provide a 4-6 page personal narrative that thoroughly includes these items: 

  • Your academic background and career interests.
  • Previous personal, relational, and professional experiences related to your career pursuits.
  • How self-awareness and self-reflection contribute to developing your professional role.
  • How you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Abilities as they relate to the professional training that you seek at William James College.
  • How you anticipate our program will meet your learning goals and advance your career path.
  • What you will offer our community.
  • Major strengths and weaknesses in your application to the program.
  • Commitments to volunteerism or community service.
  • Circumstances in your life that reflect your perseverance, flexibility, resolve and passion within diverse and multicultural contexts. Such dimensions may include age, socioeconomic status, disability, education, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, immigration status, language, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual orientation and veteran/military status.
Official Transcripts

Please request an official academic transcript from each undergraduate and graduate institution that you have attended. Paper transcripts or e-transcripts should be sent directly to William James College from the issuing registrar's office. We recommend that you request these documents as soon as you decide to apply for admission and to allow at least ten business days for the issuing registrar to process your request. If you have completed a semester abroad and these corresponding courses do not appear on your home institution's transcript with a letter grade, then you must provide a separate transcript for this period of study.

Paper transcripts must be addressed to:

William James College
Office of Admissions
One Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459

E-transcripts must be sent to

To arrive at William James College on or before the set deadline. Post marked on the deadline date is not acceptable.

All applicants who have attended a non-US institution of higher learning must provide an official translation and equivalency to US Higher Education of their academic record. William James College recommends that applicants contact World Education Services to request this service. For more information, please visit

Test Scores

Important Announcement: GRE

To support prospective students on their mental health career path during COVID-19, we have made a change to our Admissions requirements for our Clinical PsyD program. 

Effective immediately, GRE scores ARE NOT required for admission to the Clinical Psychology PsyD program for Fall 2022 applicants. 

This change is temporary and only for Fall 2022 applicants to our Clinical Psychology PsyD program. Our other programs do not require GRE scores. 

Questions? Contact

If English is not your primary language contact the Admissions Office if you are unsure if you should take the TOEFL. GRE test scores are valid for five years, and TOEFL test scores are valid for two years from the test date.

William James College's GRE and TOEFL school code/reporting number is 3501.

For information regarding the GRE, please call Educational Testing Services at (609) 771-7670, or visit

For information regarding the TOEFL, call (609) 771-7100, or visit


A supplemental statement is required of all applicants who have previously applied for admission to a program. Your statement should reference the date of your prior application and the program to which you applied, as well as the circumstances that contributed to your decision to re-apply. You should also describe your personal and professional interim experiences that occurred following your past application. 

Previous admission files are kept on hand for a period of two years. Reapplicants may utilize any, or all, of the original application. However, we strongly recommend that you take the time to strengthen your original application, update your statements and recommendations whenever possible.

Change of Career

This section applies to those applicants who have made a decision to change careers.

Please attach a statement regarding your decision to change careers. Describe the evolution of this career change and discuss the ways in which the experiences you have had and skills required by your previous career might relate to your graduate training at William James College.

For information on  Advanced Standing click here.

For information on our PsyD Transfer of Credit Policy, click here.