Financial Statement

William James College awarded $1.94 million in scholarship aid and paid out $1.19 million in student employment.  The combined total of $3.13 million represents over 10% of the total operating budget.

Revenues from government grants totaled $2.15 million, the most in the College’s history.  

The change in net assets from the FY 2019 Audited Financial Statements was $1,015,454, which is the 6th consecutive year the College eclipsed $1 million.  The following are financial highlights from the year:

Financial Highlights:  

$37.4 million in Total Assets
$15.7 million in Net Assets
$2.15 million in Government Contracts
$1.94 million in Scholarship Aid
$1.19 million in Student Employment

For detailed information about our financial statements, please contact Daniel Brent, Vice President of Finance and Operations, at 617-564-9336 or

Please click here for a copy of our Consolidated Financial Statements for FY19.


2019 Financial Report Summary Chart