Facility Health and Safety

The following health and safety measures are in place at William James College during the COVID19 Pandemic:

Procedure 

  • Only the front entrance is to be used to access the College.  
  • When entering the building, there is an electronic sign-in system that tracks entries into the building and asks all users to Self-Attest that they are healthy to the best of their knowledge upon entering the building.  

Social Distancing

  • Classrooms will be at approximately 40% of capacity to allow for six feet spacing between all students and faculty.
  • All employee seating is at least six feet apart.
  • Plexiglas protective shielding has been installed in open offices/work spaces.
  • Stairways are now unidirectional (one for traveling up, one for down).
  • Only two people allowed in an elevator at time. Both inside and outside the elevators are marked as where to stand.   
  • Signage detailing social distancing and hygiene procedures is placed strategically throughout the building, please read it carefully.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Surfaces including those in the kitchen areas, handrails, elevators, classroom tables and chairs are wiped down every two hours.  
  • Classrooms are cleaned after every class.
  • Facilities  sanitizes the building every night with two newly purchased sanitizing machines in addition to the comprehensive cleaning  performed nightly by our cleaning company 
  • A day porter continuously cleans the restrooms and copy rooms during the day. 
  • Plates and utensils have been removed from the kitchens. 
  • Coffee Machines and water bubblers are covered in disinfectant wrap.
  • Community food is not allowed in the building.  
  • Masks* are required in all common areas, hallways and bathrooms and when employees cannot keep 6 feet apart.
  • Hands free disinfecting foam have been installed at every elevator on every floor; and non-hands free have been installed outside copy room areas and bathrooms. 
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided in every office
  • All air filters have been changed and the coils on all air handlers have been disinfected. This will happen on a quarterly basis going forward.

*Mask Policy 

The health and safety of employees and students is our highest priority.  Anyone who enters the College is required to wear a mask/cloth face covering that fully covers their mouth and nose. Masks must be worn when in contact with other people when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks must be worn at all times when in common spaces. You are expected to provide your own mask. If you happen to forget your mask on a given day, our facilities department will provide you with one.