Announcing Partnership with Teachers21

Formal Partnership – Teachers21 and William James College

A Message from President Nicholas Covino, William James College

May 4, 2018

Dear Colleague,

I’m pleased to announce a new partnership between William James College and Teachers21 that began at the start of May. Many of you have been the beneficiary of the expert consultation and training programs offered by Teachers21. Some of you are the experienced professionals who have delivered this consultation and training. Thank you for your excellent work and for your confidence in Teachers21.

William James College has an excellent faculty in both School Psychology and Organizational and Leadership Psychology. There are members at the college with expertise in Social Emotional Learning, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, Organizational Consultation, Leadership and School Climate who will partner with experienced staff and consultants of Teachers21. Existing academic affiliations will be maintained for courses, and the superintendent and principal leadership programs. The faculty and staff of Teachers21 and William James College will continue to provide the traditional consultation on instruction and curriculum, coaching and professional development and they will develop academic and training programs to add to the existing School Climate Certificate. The staff are already working to create online and workshop programs.

We look forward to working with you more broadly in the future.


Nicholas A. Covino, PsyD
William James College