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Ashley O'HearnAshley O'Hearn

North Carolina
New Mexico State University
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Clinical Health Psychology Concentration
Class of 2019

I was born in North Carolina. At ten years old, my family and I moved to New Mexico. I studied at New Mexico State University, obtaining a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology. I moved to Massachusetts in 2014 and started attending William James College in 2015. I am in the Clinical PsyD program, concentrating in Health Psychology. I chose William James College for several reasons. One, I liked the idea of living in a place, like Boston, that would have top-notch training. Two, I was drawn to the idea of the program focusing on experiential learning and knew I would be able to practice psychotherapy my first semester. Third, I liked that the curriculum aided in learning how to conduct a doctoral project (dissertation) step-by-step. Lastly, I liked the feel of the campus, feeling welcomed, when I had attended WJC open-houses and events.  

My career interests are vast; I believe that I have ample opportunity for job options because of the program that William James College offers. I can foresee myself working in a primary care setting working alongside physicians, in an outpatient setting as a director, being a consultant for mental health agencies and hospitals, or providing psychotherapy and psychological testing/assessment in a private practice setting.

With the help of William James College, I think my aspirations are very achievable. My advice for new students would be to try and dedicate some time to practice self-care. You will thank yourself later!